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As a sneak preview of what you will find inside, here are some of the posts we have had in the past: 1 of the things I like about shooting this series is that I get to meet new people all the time and occasionally visit a place I’ve never been before. Newcastle is 1 of those places. I opted to take the train there rather than drive and seeing that it was a dark dreary day, it soon brightened up for me on my arrival when birdie and James picked me up from the station and whisked me off to their home and after a cup of tea she was ready in a glowing pink fishnet body stocking!!!! Woo-haaaa!  This couple are what you would call highly attractive and sexy for each other. You could download the fires burning within birdie that seemed to suggest that doing videos for strangers like me is part of their sexual adventure and whilst I was a little…just a bit worried about James silence I quickly worked out he was the kind of guy who didn’t speak unless he had something to say. Not to be confused with being nervous or rude or anything. Not that he had anything to be nervous about anyway, the bloke was well fit given his physique and I believe he is a former cage fighter which probably added to the silent but violent type that he is. Ha ha…actually I found him a real nice guy (he says backing off out the door) I started filming them by the back door having a smoke, as they prefer not to smoke in the house. Birdie couldn’t be bothered to wait for him to finish his cigarette before she was on her knees getting him prepped with a playful lick and a feel of his man meat by the door before moving in to the lounge and removing her long ebony fluffy coat to reveal her naked body under her shimmering pink body stocking.. So what you download is still as real as they come in that they are a real couple just going through the motions of sex. Normally I'd expect to see a couple waiting to get their groove on with flames of lust in their eyes waiting to show the world what they can do as an endorsement of their love for each other what I got was the kind of sex that made me wonder if they were going to last out the week. That's a terrible thing to say but what can I say? It looked like that to me. Worse still it took a lot longer to shoot and my patience was wearing thin. Why did I not just throw the towel in then?